Part #:
Part # Year Make Model Engine Features
KH080146 88-91 Honda Civic 1.6/1.8L DOHC (MT)
HH080292 92-00 Honda Civic 1.5/1.6L SOHC (MT)
HH080300 92-00 Honda Civic 1.6/1.8L DOHC (MT)
VH0812N1 92-00 Honda Civic 1.6/1.8L DOHC (MT)
V2574 02-05 Honda Civic 2.0L I4 (MT)
V2926 06-11 Honda Civic 2.0L I4 (MT)
KH082661 12-15 Honda Civic 2.4L I4 (MT)
VH083283 16-20 Honda Civic 1.5L I4 Turbo (MT)
HH083417 17-20 Honda Civic 2.0L I4 Turbo Type R (MT)
KS082409 11-16 Honda CR-Z 1.5L I4 HYBRID (MT)
KH080146 88-91 Honda CRX 1.6/1.8L DOHC (MT)
HH080300 93-97 Honda Del Sol 1.5/1.6L DOHC (MT)
HH080292 93-97 Honda Del Sol 1.5/1.6L SOHC (MT)
KS082409 09-14 Honda Fit 1.5L I4 (MT)
VH081226 00-09 Honda S2000 2.0L I4 (MT)
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